Comprehensive Development Plan

Prepared by the Park City Planning Commission

Approved by the Park City Planning Commission & the Park City Governing Body - August, 2018

Governing Body

  • Ray Mann, Mayor
  • Jim Schroeder
  • John Lehnherr
  • Brandi Baily
  • George Glover
  • George Capps
  • Ben Sauceda
  • Tom Jones
  • Melvin Kerr

Planning Commission

  • Susan Goyette, Chair Person
  • Harry Woodson, Board Member
  • T. Michael Smith, Board Member
  • Carol Reed, Vice Chair (Out-of-City Member)
  • Milo Sweet, Board Member 
  • Gerald E Klocke, Board Member
  • Kris Lewis, Secretary
  • Melvin Kerr, Council Liaison