Pay Park City Utility Bill

Basic Information

Utility bills can be paid online. To make a payment, you will need the following from your utility bill:

  1. Name (as it appears on the bill)
  2. Account number (located in upper right section or bottom left corner)
  3. Service address (located on left side just above the perforation)
  4. Amount due or amount due after the 15th

A convenience fee of 2.5%, with a minimum fee of $1.95, will be added to your transaction by the credit/debit card processing company to cover the processing charge. Payments received before 12:00 midnight Monday through Friday will be posted the next business day. Payments received after midnight, weekends and holidays will be posted on the next business day. Please call City Administration Center at 316.744.2026 ext 207 if you have any questions.

Pay Your Bill Online

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