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Posted on: August 29, 2019

The Park City Flag


As you look at this flag, one of the first things you may notice is that it focuses on the center, which is created by the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines. This is reflective of the two major roadways, I-135 and K-96, that provide tremendous access to Park City.

The next thing you may notice is a leaf, which reminds us of our city’s beautiful parks and symbolizes our potential for continued growth. At the center of the leaf is a star, which symbolizes hope and imagination.

Next, you may notice a line from top to bottom that divides the flag into an east and west half, displaying the city’s two sides as split by 1-135.  Second, the two sides of the flag represent that Park City is served by two school systems, USD 259 and USD 262.  The wave of the leaf in the center relates to the wave of Park City’s logo and the unified vision for a future of prosperity for Park City.

And finally, you may notice the blue and white background, which represents open Kansas skies and endless possibility.   The white reflects peace, clarity, imagination, and the pursuit of freedom in Park City.

The flag belongs to all of us – we encourage you to use it and make it your own.


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