Which pets are prohibited in the City?
Any warm-blooded carnivorous, wild or exotic animal including but not limited to non-human primates, raccoons, skunks, foxes, wolves, wolf hybrids, coyote hybrids, exotic cats, or exotic cat hybrids, pit bulls, pit bull hybrids. Also any animal able to deliver or cause a poisonous bite, as well as any non-venomous snake eight (8) feet in length or longer.

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1. If I live in the City limits of Park City do I need a City Permit for my pet?
2. At what age should I get my pet vaccinated?
3. Does Park City have a leash law?
4. Can cats run at large?
5. How many dogs or cats are allowed per household?
6. If my pet gets out of my yard, and Code Enforcement picks it up, what happens to it?
7. Do all animal bites, or scratches have to be reported?
8. Where do I report animal abuse and animal bites?
9. I found a dead bat, skunk or raccoon in my back yard where my dogs were; do I need to report it?
10. Which pets are prohibited in the City?
11. Is it OK for my dog to stay outdoors?